We have a responsibility to people and animals.

In a global world, regional action counts. We see it as our duty to make our contribution to a more sustainable and livable future. To this end, we are implementing a range of measures in all areas of our production.


There are many factors in the production of milk that influence our environment and society.

From our owners, who as farmers work in harmony with nature and thus create the best basis for a high-quality raw material, to the processing and refinement into innovative products and their marketing, to our trading partners and to our consumers.

Berglandmilch is in many ways a link, between farmers and consumers, between tradition and innovation, between rural regions and urban society, between home and distant export countries.

Kuh Sonnenaufgang

Rooted in the Austrian cultural landscape, we focus on sustainable and careful use of resources. Not only for today, but above all for the future of coming generations.

Sustainability begins with a changed mindset to live and work sustainably.

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Sustainability along the entire value chain

Berglandmilch farmers are pioneers in their commitment to sustainability and animal welfare. In their close-to-nature farming practices, they also preserve land for future generations.


That is why we guarantee:

100% GMO free

No genetically modified organisms are used in the entire production of Berglandmilch farmers. In this way, they were pioneers worldwide. 


The Berglandmilch milk suppliers renounce the use of the controversial pesticide glyphosate on all their forage areas. 

No feed from overseas

Mountain dairy cows do not eat feed out of the rainforest. Our Berglandmilch farmers do not feed feed from overseas. They rely on feed from the farm's own meadows and fields and, if necessary, buy feed regionally. 

No palm oil in the feed

The Berglandmilch cows are not only supplied with regional feed, care is also taken to ensure that the animal feed does not contain palm oil. 

Wholesome calf-feeding

At Berglandmilch, animals are fed naturally. This includes the guarantee that the calves of Berglandmilch cows are fed exclusively with real milk.

Responsible use of antibiotics

For Berglandmilch, this means that active substances must be used carefully. For this purpose, a guideline on the responsible use of antibiotics in veterinary medicine has been established. 


The welfare of Berglandmilch cows is a matter close to our hearts.

For our farmers, their cows are more than just farm animals. On average, 20 cows live on their family farms. In close cooperation with veterinarians and our farm advisors, the health and well-being of the cows are ensured.

Berglandmilch farmers are members of the Austrian Animal Health Service and participate in Berglandmilch's "controlled animal health" program.

Besides, Berglandmilch pays out an animal welfare bonus for husbandry conditions above the legal minimum standard. The strong take-up of this bonus demonstrates the high animal welfare standards on the farms of Berglandmilch farmers.

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Sustainable milk refining

It is obvious that the concept of sustainability is becoming reality in our plants: 100% of the energy for our plants comes from green electricity. We are also implementing a comprehensive photovoltaic project on the roofs of the plants, which cover a total area of more than four soccer fields.

The conscious use of energy and water resources is also important to us: The wastewater produced is reprocessed in the company's own wastewater treatment plants.

Käse Produktion
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Our pride and joy: our products.

Some are here to stay, others are still novelties. But they all have one thing in common: our products are manufactured with the highest standards of quality, safety and taste.

In addition to continuous quality assurance of our products, we also focus on further development of the packaging. This includes the constant reduction of plastic consumption, the recyclability of packaging and the search for alternative packaging materials.

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Every day we save more plastic

When it comes to packaging, we focus on recyclability, plastic reduction, and alternative materials. In this way, we have already been able to save many tons of plastic, and every day we are saving more.

The top priority in every decision is to ensure food quality as well as product safety. For example, we have brought the reusable glass bottle for milk back to the milk shelf. It can be refilled at least 15 times. In addition, our drinking straws are now made of paper and all PET bottles contain more than 50% recycled PET.

We also focus on the reductions of material thickness for our cheese packaging and pack cheese slices directly into cups made of paper. We fill our yogurts either in jars or in recyclable cardboard sleeve cups.

15 times

and more times our reusable glass bottle can be refilled. This conserves resources and protects the climate.

20 cows

stand on average in the barn of our Berglandmilch farms. In family-run farms, particularly high value is placed on animal welfare.

Yes to

A sustainable and responsible use of resources in all areas of the value chain.

Courage to change.

Stagnation means regression.

That's why we focus on innovation and research in all areas of production. We have won several klima:aktiv awards and are constantly working to further optimize our production process.

Therefore, one thing is very important for us: The focus of our efforts is always on human and animal welfare and the belief in a livable future for generations to come.