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The history of Berglandmilch goes back a long way.

We have been following traditions and constantly developing since 1900.

With its natural products, Berglandmilch makes a significant contribution to increasing the quality of life for consumers. For ourselves and future generations, we at Berglandmilch treat each other and our environment with consideration.

About us

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How it all began

When it was founded, Berglandmilch was an association of six major dairies with 27 production sites in Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Styria, Carinthia and Burgenland.

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The milk journey continues

At the turn of the year 1995/1996, the newly founded Berglandmilch takes over the milk activities and associated brands from AMF, with the aim of securing the position of the Austrian dairy industry in the European market.

The following years are characterized by a tight restructuring and modernization program. In 2009, Landfrisch Molkerei, in 2010 Tirol Milch and in 2011 Stainzer Milch joined Berglandmilch. The milk is refined in 9 plants in Austria, thus enabling regional milk processing.

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Today, Berglandmilch is the largest dairy in Austria.

With around 1,500 employees including subsidiaries, Berglandmilch processes approximately 1.3 billion kg of milk per year under the umbrella brands Schärdinger, Desserta, Tirol Milch, Lattella, Landfrisch, Stainzer, Alpi and Alpiland. The product ranges cover the entire spectrum of dairy products: From milk to yogurt, curd, mixed milk drinks to fresh cheese products and numerous cheese specialties.

The milk comes from around 10,000 dairy farmers, who are also the owners of the Berglandmilch cooperative.
Today, Berglandmilch is one of the strongest dairies in Central Europe.