Our sustainability report.

We are pleased to present the current Sustainability Report for the year 2022. Sustainability is one of the most important topics of our time. And yet everyone associates something different with this buzzword. This report gives us the opportunity to present our understanding of "sustainability" to you.

Berglandmilch Sustainability Report 2022

Think sustainably. Act responsibly.

With the Sustainability Report 2022, we provide a comprehensive insight into our activities and our commitment to sustainability, environmental protection and social responsibility.

We report on the commitment of our farmers and why dairy farming in Austria is different from other countries. We provide insights into how we ensure security of supply with high-quality food and why our employees have been working for Berglandmilch for so long. You will also learn how we will soon no longer use fossil fuels and what measures we are taking to contribute to greater energy efficiency.

We also provide information about our ambitious sustainability goals and how we will achieve them in the next few years.