Yoghurt, pudding & ice cream base mix

Creamy yoghurt, smooth pudding or the base mass for soft ice cream - the colorful variety of Berglandmilch product solutions seems limitless.

Joghurt Produktion 2
© Daniela Köppl

Our know-how:


  • Yoghurt bases - variable in fat, sugar and viscosity as well as taste due to different cultures
  • Fruit yoghurt or yoghurt with cereals
  • Pudding (also with cream topping)
  • Liquid UHT ice cream bases
  • Fillings for lids (e.g. muesli, fruits...) as well as application on the cup


Produktion Joghurt
© Daniela Köppl



  • Glass
  • Polypropylene cup
  • Cardboard Cups