World Cheese Awards 2013

The best cheese products have been chosen

Sensational results for Berglandmilch: Gold and two Silver medals for Schärdinger/Tirol Milch cheese specialities

The World Cheese Awards is the world’s largest cheese competition. This year’s ceremony took place in Birmingham on 27th November with a record number of entries. The international jury comprises 240 experts from 20 countries. 2,777 different cheeses from over 30 countries were entered in the competition.

Gold for Schärdinger Affineur Le Rose

This very special hard cheese refined with rosé wine, herbs and spices features a surface structure with grapes and grape leaves to make it an unequivocal cheese speciality. The combination of spicy flavour and the unique consistency of its texture gives it a refined, elegant taste that is soft melting, and has an intense flavour with a long finish.

Silver for Schärdinger Alpzirler

Schärdinger Alpzirler is carefully treated with red cultures throughout the course of its six-month ageing period. This gives it its light yellow, smooth melting texture with the occasional round eye along with its robust, spicy flavour. The dark to reddish brown natural rind is also characteristic of this cheese speciality. Alpzirler is a good cheese for snacking, cheese platters and hearty, warm meals.

Silver for Tiroler Felsenkeller Käse

Tiroler Felsenkeller Käse was recently awarded the Käsekaiser 2014 as the most popular Austrian cheese in Germany. Now it has received another award. This cheese matures in our Kitzbühel Felsenkeller, a natural stone cellar in which the cheese is carefully treated with red cultures over an ageing period of at least six months. The special climate combined with the careful ageing process make it absolutely unique. It is a cheese that has character - and a very special history.

"Being recognised like this at the World Cheese Awards 2013 is further proof that Berglandmilch is both a domestic and international success, and that our quality strategy in the Austrian food industry is bearing fruit,” emphasises Josef Braunshofer, Managing Director of Berglandmilch eGen.

"Awards like this show us that consumers appreciate the exceptional quality of our products. Premium raw milk, much love and many years of cheese-making experience are what make our cheese specialities the best money can buy - something our Austrian and international consumers greatly appreciate,” Josef Braunshofer continues.

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