Schärdinger, Tirol Milch and Stainzer dairy farmers no longer using glyphosate!

Schärdinger, Tirol Milch and Stainzer dairy farmers will no longer use glyphosate from now on. “This relates to all of our dairy farmers’ fields and pastureland.

Our customers had been expecting us to take a firm stance on this issue,” explained Managing Director Josef Braunshofer.

The controversial weedkiller glyphosate is currently the subject of hot debate in Austria.

Consumer confidence in our branded products is very high. As Austria’s leading producer of dairy products, it therefore made sense for us to introduce a ban on glyphosate,” said Josef Braunshofer.

The Austrian dairy industry is characterised by near-natural, small-scale and sustainable farming methods. Our decision recognises this and reflects the ideals of our dairy farmers. “We have taken this step to emphasise that meeting the customer’s expectations is our top priority,” added Braunshofer.