Schärdinger and Tirol Milch cocoas are best in class!

Schärdinger und Tirol Milch Kakaos sind Klassenbeste!

Great news for all chocolate milk fans – just in time for the new school term:

"The popular Tirol Milch and Schärdinger cocoas rank among the best in class in terms of sugar content," says Berglandmilch Managing Director Josef Braunshofer.

Both cocoa drinks now contain less than 4% added sugar. Together with the naturally occurring lactose, this makes a total sugar content of just 8.4 g/100ml.

Schärdinger and Tirol Milch cocoas are therefore fully compliant with the relevant guidelines for school milk drinks, so they're now an even better addition to the school lunch box.

For more figure-conscious chocolate fans, the Schärdinger Meine Linie drink offers complete chocolate enjoyment despite a total sugar content of just 6.2 g/100ml (2% added sugar). With its Meine Linie drinks, Schärdinger is the first dairy in Austria to put an innovative product range on fridge shelves, which contains 30% less sugar than comparable mixed milk beverages – and no sweeteners or other additives whatsoever.

"Schärdinger supports a healthy diet and makes life taste good – even with less sugar," says Josef Braunshofer.

Berglandmilch has been reducing the sugar content of its products continuously for the last five years. Its fruit yogurts, milk dream, smoothie, and fruit buttermilk products, for example, now contain less than 12 g of sugar per 100 g.

The amount of sugar in the popular Lattella whey drink has also been reduced in recent years. Berglandmilch thereby makes a contribution to gradually reducing the proportion of free sugars (added sugar) in the daily diet, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Thanks to the branded products from Schärdinger and Tirol Milch, the new school year can't start soon enough!

Tip: Children and adults can learn even more about the sustainable and responsible production of our products by taking a guided tour through the Schärdinger or Tirol Milch dairies. If you are interested in an excursion or a guided tour for school classes, please contact us at