Käsekaiser 2019: Regal cheese from Schärdinger and Tirol Milch

Käsekaiser 2019: Royaler Käse von Schärdinger und Tirol Milch

Awards for Schärdinger and Tirol Milch cheese at the AMA Käsekaiser 2019 awards in Bregenz, Austria

Wels, November 2018: As in previous years, the Käsekaiser awards were again presented for the best cheeses in Austria, with winners chosen in ten different categories from more than 200 submissions. A panel of judges consisting of around 110 trained cheese connoisseurs chose three cheeses from Schärdinger and Tirol Milch as the best in their category. Austria's most prestigious cheese award is presented by AMA Marketing every year at a gala dinner. The award ceremony is preceded by the AMA Milk Forum, where the latest developments in the dairy world are presented and discussed.

Käsekaiser in the ‘Soft cheese’ category – Schärdinger Österkron

Made in Styria, Schärdinger Österkron with its slightly crumbly consistency and fine green veining stands for an aromatic, piquant flavor and versatile use. The fine blue cheese can be used in spreads, for savory soups and sauces, for a melted cheese topping, for hearty dressings and for refining salad recipes. Due to its special taste, Schärdinger Österkron has already been named Austria's most popular fine blue cheese on multiple occasions and can now also add the Käsekaiser 2019 in the soft cheese category to its collection.

Käsekaiser in the ‘Hard cheese’ category – Tirol Milch Alpzirler

After already winning gold at the DLG Awards and silver for the World Cheese Award 2018/19, Tirol Milch Alpzirler also managed to convince the Käsekaiser judges in Austria. Produced from the finest Tyrolean alpine farm milk and with a fat content of 50% F.i.T., the Tyrolean hard cheese specialty impresses with its particularly creamy texture, among other things. During a ripening period of six months, the popular cheese develops its characteristic, strong & piquant flavor that has earned it its numerous awards.

Käsekaiser in the ‘Innovation’ category – the Tirol Milch cave trio

The Tirol Milch cave trio offers cheese enjoyment on three levels: with the strong & piquant Bergjuwel and its particularly creamy texture; with the rich Höhlentaler, which unites the tanginess of red cultures with the sweetness of a large-eyed cheese; and with the mountain cheese, which is allowed to develop its strong & piquant flavor during a four-month ripening period. All three cheeses are refined into true specialties in the Kitzbühel rock caves and are perfect as a gourmet snack in any household.