Sensational result for Berglandmilch: 7 golden statues awarded to Schärdinger and Tirol Milch cheese specialties

AMA-Marketing presented the Käsekaiser 2014 awards to the country’s best cheese products at a ceremony held on November 21st at Congress Graz.

And Berglandmilch has every reason to celebrate this year. 7 out of 10 of the awards presented at the ceremony went to Schärdinger/Tirol Milch cheese specialities.

In the category Cream Cheese - Schärdinger Rollino herbs: a herb cream cheese with an exceptionally delicate taste and creamy consistency.

In the category Soft Cheese - Schärdinger Kaisertaler: a soft cheese with an especially smooth-melting texture. The natural rind has a pure, fine dusting of milk mould, giving this cheese a delicate bite.

In the category Semi-hard Mild, Fine Cheese - Schärdinger Grieskirchner: an exquisite Austrian full-fat cheese with a mildly buttery, slightly acidic flavour. A layer of yellow wax protects the cheese from becoming dry.

In the category Hard Cheese - Schärdinger Asmonte: a bold, piquant hard cheese that tempts the taste buds and is regularly brushed with linseed oil during its six-month ripening period.

In the category Speciality Cheese - Schärdinger Affineur wine cheese: a soft, speciality wine cheese with a natural rind that matures with wine yeast lees, lending it its fruity, slightly acidic flavour and dark rind.

In the category Most Popular Austrian Cheese in Germany - Tiroler Felsenkeller: winner of Käsekaiser 2014 award. This cheese matures in our Kitzbühel Felsenkeller, a natural stone cellar in which the cheese is carefully treated with red cultures during the ageing period.

The first Käsekaiser People’s Choice Award was also presented at this year’s ceremony: Consumers primarily used online voting to select their favourite cheese. "We are naturally very delighted to receive this award in which Schärdinger Bergbaron cheese easily beat the competition in pleasing the palates of Austrian consumers,” says Josef Braunshofer, Managing Director of Berglandmilch eGen. "Awards like this show us that consumers appreciate the exceptional quality of our products. Premium raw milk, much love and many years of cheese-making experience are what make our cheese specialities the best money can buy - something our Austrian and international consumers greatly appreciate,” Josef Braunshofer continues.

Käse Kaiser 2014