DLG Awards Ceremony 2013 Schärdinger and Tirol Milch brands showered with gold

Berglandmilch with its Schärdinger and Tirol Milch brands won a number of quality awards again at this year’s DLG quality inspection in Germany.

DLG awards stand for the highest possible quality: Once a year, the association attests to the quality of over 20,000 domestic and international products using the latest scientific quality criteria.

"Awards such as these underscore the superb quality of our products and confirm that our approach is the right one. Our customers understand that premium raw milk is the key ingredient in the finest cheese specialities,” says Josef Braunshofer, Berglandmilch eGen Managing Director.

8 gold medals and 9 silver medals


  • Schärdinger Rollino Kräuter 65% F.i.D.M. 125g
  • Schärdinger Mondseer 45% F.i.D.M. 1kg
  • Schärdinger Amadeus 50% F.i.D.M. Laib
  • Schärdinger Affineur Rosso 65% F.i.D.M. 250g
  • Tiroler Kitzbüheler Bergkäse 45% F.i.D.M. 150g slices
  • Tiroler Felsenkeller 45% F.i.D.M. Laib/2
  • Tiroler Kaiser Max 55% F.i.D.M. Block
  • Tiroler Contessa Paola 60% F.i.D.M. Laib


  • Schärdinger Moosbacher 45% F.i.D.M. Laib
  • Schärdinger Chorherrenkäse 50% F.i.D.M. Laib
  • Schärdinger Kärntner Rahmlaib 60% F.i.D.M. Laib
  • Schärdinger Weinkäse 65% F.i.D.M. Laib
  • Tiroler Adler 45% F.i.D.M. Laib/2
  • Milder Inntaler 55% F.i.D.M. Laib
  • Tiroler Feiner Tiroler 55% F.i.D.M. Block
  • Tiroler Alpen Emmentaler 45% 150g slices
  • Tiroler Scheibentrio 150g slices
DIG Medaillen 2013