Crop of gold medals for Schärdinger at the 2011 DLG awards

Sensational 18 gold and 5 silver medals for Schärdinger products.

Schärdinger milk products ( are the best! This year an amazing 18 Schärdinger products were awarded gold medals by the DLG (German Agricultural Society). 5 Schärdinger milk products received silver medals. "A fantastic achievement for Schärdinger in all product groups at this year‘s DLG awards. This is a terrific accolade for the high quality of Schärdinger products and reaffirms our policy of continuing to offer high quality, truly tasty milk products which are distinctly Austrian,” says Ulf Schöttl, head of marketing for Schärdinger.


Amongst the products awarded gold medals was the Schärdinger Vanilla Dream; Schärdinger also won three "Käsekaiser" (cheese Oscars) for Schärdinger Kaisertaler cheese, Schärdinger Dachsteiner cheese and Schärdinger Moosbacher cheese. Austria’s classic Schärdinger Bergbaron cheese also won a gold medal. And yet another gold medal was awarded to the pineapple & cereal flavoured yoghurt from Schärdinger’s "Schlanke Linie" (slim-line) assortment.  Of Schärdinger’s cottage cheeses, the chives 20% variety won a gold medal. Top points were also awarded to both Rollino herbs and the classic variety of Schärdinger’s Landfrisch Streichgenuss butter. Silver medals were awarded to Schärdinger‘s Blueberry Curd Cheese dessert, the Schärdinger Jerome cheese and the Schärdinger Österkron cheese. Schärdinger Pasta cheese also won a silver medal. A further silver medal went to Sirius Camembert, Austria’s most popular camembert, which this year celebrates its 100th anniversary under the motto "As good as ever, since 1911".

DLG awards reflect top quality

The DLG is one of the most important organisations in Europe when it comes to evaluating foodstuffs. During these annual awards, more than 20,000 national and international products are evaluated according to the latest scientific quality criteria.  The standards used here are particularly strict. Food which has received a DLG award is of particularly high quality.