Consumers in Austria have chosen: Tirol Milch Urtyroler - Best Product of the Year 2016-2017

Die Konsumenten in Österreich haben gewählt: Tirol Milch Urtyroler - Bestes Produkt des Jahres 2016-2017

1st place in the cheese category for Tirol Milch Urtyroler, which is also voted the overall winner of all categories. This means the product with the best ratings and highest recommendation rate.

Austrian consumers selected and rated the "Best Product of the Year" in 10 different categories in an online survey organised by Q&A Research BV.

Tirol Milch Urtyroler is made from the finest Tirolean alpine farm milk. This premium mountain cheese speciality is matured for at least 12 months. This gives it an incomparably strong & piquant, savoury flavour. The protein crystals produced during the long maturing process underline the uniqueness of this cheese speciality. A true pleasure for all the senses.

Tirol Milch Urtyroler was also awarded the 2016 Käsekaiser in the “Innovations” category. It won gold both at the 2015-16 World Cheese Awards and at the 2016 DLG award ceremony.

Urtyroler 2016/2017