Berglandmilch relies on European animal feed for its strong brands Schärdinger, Tirol Milch and Stainzer

The 12,000 rural family-run farms which supply milk to Berglandmilch will cease giving non-European animal feed to their dairy cattle in future. The Berglandmilch farmers have exclusively used feed produced without GMOs for 10 years and will now take the next step towards extensive sustainable food production.

Austria's dairy farmers produce milk in traditional grassland areas, close to nature, and largely with the exclusive use of feed from their own farms. In order to be able to communicate this traditional way of feeding in a clearer and more unambiguous manner, Berglandmilch's family-run farms are now under obligation to cease all use of animal feed from overseas. Outside Europe, the production of protein feed, such as soya, does not always conform to the strict standards under which European farmers produce their products.

Our family-run farms are already relying on feed that grows on their own farms, directly near the stalls. When small amounts of supplementary non-genetically modified feed are used in the livestock rations, these come from certified sources. In order to make it more obvious just where the farms stand on this issue, we have committed ourselves to only using European feed, states chairman Johann Schneeberger, who runs a dairy farm himself.

“We are also responsible for protecting sensitive ecosystems in other areas of the world. When you buy one of our branded products (Schärdinger, Tirol Milch, Stainzer), you are not only opting for the best home-grown taste, but you are also supporting sustainable, rural and responsible farming," states Josef Braunshofer, Berglandmilch Managing Director.

The fundamental performance of domestic dairy farms, as well as the standards for raising and feeding dairy cattle in Austria, are already outstanding by international standards. For example, whereas water has to be prepared for usage in animal farming in many, also European, countries, drinks for animals in Austria contain exclusively fresh drinking water.

The high proportion of green fodder in the rations and the use of exclusively European, GMO-free feed, as well as additional conditions for the health and well-being of animals, emphasise the pioneering role of Berglandmilch's dairy farms.

Berglandmilch is organised on a co-operative basis and presides over 12,000 family-run farms which supply milk. Berglandmilch is a leader in several categories with its strong brands Schärdinger, Tirol Milch, Lattella, Jogurella, Formil, Desserta and Stainzer Milch. The raw milk from the rural member farms is processed at 9 Austrian dairy locations. With over 1500 employees, Berglandmilch is also an important initiator and provider of jobs in the rural area.