Berglandmilch investing EUR 17.5 million in new mozzarella production line.

The state of Lower Austria promotes investment in milk and cheese innovations.

"A strong agricultural dairy industry needs a strong milk processing industry, and vice versa. The considerable investment of EUR 17.5 million by the Berglandmilch cooperative in Aschbach is strengthening the company's site in Mostviertel and increasing the capacities for raw milk production.

This is reviving the region's economy as well as creating and safeguarding jobs. Last but not least, it is also benefiting the local farmers," says a delighted Stephan Pernkopf, Deputy Head of Production.

Berglandmilch eGen is investing EUR 17.5 million into setting up a new mozzarella line at the Aschbach site. The government, state and EU are also contributing EUR 1.75 million towards the project.

It will involve expanding the existing milk acceptance zone by installing an additional storage tank and tank extraction line. Significant funds will also be invested in the production facilities (cheese vat, salt bath, cooling bath, mozzarella line and packing system). This will increase the processing capacity by a total of 150,000 tonnes of milk that can now be received and processed into high-quality Austrian cheese.

"This major expansion of the Aschbach site will open up important new sales opportunities for us on an international level," explains Managing Director Josef Braunshofer. In addition, around 160 fewer truck-trailers will be needed, as considerably more milk will now be processed regionally at the Aschbach site.

Berglandmilch eGen is a registered cooperative owned by more than 11,000 Austrian family-run farms, of which 1,800 are located in Lower Austria. With sales of some EUR 910 million, Berglandmilch is Austria’s largest dairy. It exports its products to more than 50 different countries worldwide. The company employs around 460 people (including senior managers) at its site in Aschbach.


f.l.t.r.: LAgb. Anton Kasser (Bgm. Allhartsberg), NÖ LH-Stellvertreter Dr. Stephan Pernkopf, DI Josef Braunshofer (Generaldirektor Berglandmilch) | Fotocredit: Berglandmilch

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V.l.n.r.: Dr. Stephan Pernkopf, Mitarbeiterin Berglandmilch Werk Aschbach, DI Josef Braunshofer (Generaldirektor Berglandmilch) | Fotocredit: Berglandmilch