Animal welfare: Berglandmilch pays extra for animal-friendly husbandry

Animal welfare bonus for cow comfort at Berglandmilch

Animal welfare and animal health have always been important to Berglandmilch. After permanent tethered housing is already forbidden in Austria, Berglandmilch decided to honour their farmer?s measures in species-appropriate husbandry by paying them more.

Healthy cows produce healthy milk ? pursuing this motto Berglandmilch introduces a program to enhance animal welfare among its dairy farmers. Applied from July 1, 2019 Berglandmilch pays up to one cent more per kilogram delivered milk from animal friendly husbandry systems.

Animal welfare over minimum legal requirements

The program is divided in three different stages. Every stage?s requirements are over minimum legal requirements. Each one regards higher measures such as daily runs, pasture grazing or alpine farming and provides a higher reward up to one cent per kilogram milk. Farmers in disadvantaged areas are through this program also able to earn allowances. Husbandry conditions are being examined within existing GMO- free examinations.

Quality leader Berglandmilch

With a program for controlled animal health and the AMA-standard for husbandry of milk cows, animal health had always been from high importance for Berglandmilch. Measures like GMO-free feeding only from Europe, the ban of glyphosate from all Berglandmilch farmlands and the ban of palm oil from feeding have confirmed the influence of Berglandmilch on providing Austria?s high standards in dairy products. By introducing the new animal welfare bonus Berglandmilch is inciting their dairy farmers to raise cow comfort in Austrian stables.

Berglandmilch eGen

Berglandmilch is Austria?s largest milk processing and distributing company with ten sites. The company is fully owned by 11.000 dairy farmers. Rural tradition in connection with holistic quality thinking and the braveness to go new and future-oriented ways is reflected in a great range of diverse and innovative products.