2017 DLG Awards for Tirol Milch

At this year’s quality inspection by DLG in Germany, Tirol Milch won: 3 gold medals and 4 silver medals

DLG awards stand for the highest levels of quality and high confidence, with expert testing of the highest standard. Surveys and studies conducted by renowned market research companies confirm the high level of awareness and acceptance of the DLG awards. The high degree of credibility is also based on the transparency of information.

The DLG tests assess the quality of products without any knowledge of the manufacturer, the name of the product or its price. All of the products that receive awards must pass laboratory tests along with preparation, packaging and labelling assessments.

GOLD for Tirol Milch Felsenkeller, Tiroler Adler and Tirol Milch Urtyroler

All these Tirol Milch cheese specialities have previously won several awards both nationally and internationally.

Tirol Milch Urtyroler is made from the finest Tirolean alpine farm milk. This premium mountain cheese speciality is matured for at least 12 months. This gives it an incomparably strong & piquant, savoury flavour.

Tiroler Felsenkeller allows itself 200 days and 200 nights to mature into what makes it so incomparable. This cheese keeps its special character thanks to the unique maturing process in the natural stone cellars of Kitzbühel.

Tiroler Adler is a mountain cheese that is left to mature for nine months, which gives it a strong and piquant flavour. Tiroler Adler is treated with fine red cultures.

SILVER for "Feiner Tiroler" semi-hard cheese

The finest GMO-free Tyrolean alpine farm milk is the basis for this mildly savoury semi-hard cheese. It is matured for at least 4 weeks and treated with red cultures, which gives it its typical aroma.

SILVER also in the convenience segment, cheese slices in a 150g resealable pack:

Tyrolean Alpine Emmental slices,
Kitzbüheler Mountain Cheese slices,
Tirol Milch Alpine Farm Tilsiter slices

"This makes all our efforts worthwhile and acknowledges the outstanding achievements of our employees, also for customers and consumers, who can rely on the quality of Tirol Milch products," says Sales and Marketing Director Gerald Kotzauer.

"This is also down to our commitment and responsibility to invest in sustainable product quality in future. Since 1 October 2016 our dairy farmers have consequently been feeding their dairy cows exclusively on European, GMO-free animal feeds and a high proportion of green fodder," emphasises Managing Director Josef Braunshofer.

DLG Prämierungen 2017 für Tirol Milch