Our sustainability report.

We are pleased to present the current Sustainability Report for the year 2020. Sustainability is one of the most important topics of our time. And yet everyone associates something different with this buzzword. This report gives us the opportunity to present our understanding of "sustainability" to you.

Berglandmilch Sustainability Report 2020

The thought of tomorrow counts.

Let us take you on a journey through our company. You will learn why our cows do not eat rainforest and how animal welfare and resource conservation can be significantly influenced and promoted through consumer decisions.

We report on how our dairy in W├Ârgl can operate in a climate-positive way, why employees work for Berglandmilch for so long, how regional economic cycles can be closed and how new technologies help to make cows fitter and healthier.

Of course, it's also worth mentioning why every cow at Berglandmilch has a name and why cows are also allowed to enjoy summer holidays in Austria's Alps.