Business Philosophy

1. The Company

Berglandmilch natural products contribute substantially to increasing the quality of its consumers. Berglandmilch strives to treat people and the environment with consideration, so that we can feel good about the traditions we hand down to future generations.

2. The Farmers

Berglandmilch is the largest agricultural company in Austria. Milk prices are a very significant - in many cases the most significant - source of farming income for these agricultural owners.
However, as independent farmers, our suppliers also make a valuable contribution to sustainability. Our suppliers only use 100% GMO-free animal feed, ensuring the production of milk that is absolutely free of genetically modified ingredients.

3. The Co-operative

The structure of the company - based on a farmers’ co-operative - has never changed, and will never change. Berglandmilch will continue to remain in the hands of farmers who own the company. By working together and doing business together, the farmers who co-own the Berglandmilch co-operative safeguard their own futures. The co-operative structure also guarantees the company will continue to remain in the hands of the farmers in times to come.

4. The Future

Important brands such as Schärdinger, Desserta, Bergbaron, Sommerbutter, Traungold, combined with modern technology and innovative concepts, are the key to Berglandmilch's long-term success. Thus Berglandmilch is optimally equipped to meet any challenges it might face in the future.